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  • Senior Newsletter: Vol. 2, Issue No. 2

    Read Vol. 2, Issue No. 2 of our Yarrow Senior Newsletter! This issue, we have an interview with two senior and youth participating artist from our intergenerational photo exhibition Chinatown Looks, and we recap our recent Lunar New Year event at Carnegie Community Centre. Download and read the newsletter below!

  • Harm Reduction 101 Workshop with Eris Nyx

    Local harm reduction activist and organizer Eris Nyx from Drug User Liberation Front BC (DULF) will be giving a Harm Reduction 101 workshop for Yarrow board, staff, and volunteers. This will be an in-person event. Date: Thursday, February 9, 2023 Time: 5:00-6:30pm PST Location: Sun Wah Centre 4th Floor Flex Space, 268 Keefer St., Vancouver. Workshop Agenda: What are Drugs Why do drugs cause harm? What is addiction? What causes harm to the individual using drugs? History of Prohibition. Why have prohibition? Sign-up to attend by visiting COVID-19 SAFETY: Wearing a face mask is required for this event. There will be a HEPA air purifier in the space.

  • Senior Newsletter: Vol. 2, Issue No. 1

    Read Vol. 2, Issue No. 1 of our Yarrow Senior Newsletter. It's our first newsletter of 2023 and this edition is all about Lunar New Year! This issue, we recap our printmaking workshop with our seniors and the December snowstorm in Vancouver. There is also a bonus 百福圖 “100 Blessings" poster, with contributions from our seniors, included with this special edition. Download the newsletter and bonus poster below! The senior newsletter is a new program from our outreach team that helps our seniors stay connected with the latest news and events happening at Yarrow and in our broader community. You can also access past issues of our senior newsletter here.

  • Chinatown Looks Opening Reception: Jan 17

    On Tuesday, January 17th at 6pm, Massy Arts will host the opening reception for, Chinatown Looks: an intergenerational disposable camera project, a Chinatown-based photography project and workshop series showcasing the work of 21 Chinese seniors and youth members of Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice. At the event, Soloman Chiniquay alongside some youth and senior artists will share their creative process and experience with the project. There will also be a brief Q&A portion for the artists to answer questions from the audience. Registration is free, open to all and required for entrance. Entrance is free, and masks are mandatory. The Massy Arts Gallery is located at 23 East Pender Street in Chinatown, Vancouver. COVID-19 SAFETY: Wearing a face mask is required for this event. Surgical and KN95 face masks will be provided for those who do not have one. There will also be a HEPA air purifier in the space. Light refreshments will be provided. Attendees are encouraged to consume their refreshments outside the venue or after the event to prevent airborne transmission of COVID-19. Accessibility info for Massy Arts Society (23 E Pender St) Entrance: The door is not automatic. Push to enter, pull to exit. The width of the doorway is 100cm / 39.3in. The path from the street to the doorway is flat. When entering the space, there will be two tables on either side of the entrance. There will be a narrow path when entering the space that is the same width as the doorway and ~4ft long. The space widens after the narrow entrance path. Event space: The main gallery space is 627sq ft. The length of the gallery space is ~36.5ft and the width is 17ft. There are four support posts in the space. The distance between the posts is 9ft 7in. The narrow distance between the posts and the right-side wall is 5ft 4in. There will be seating available at the event which are plastic fold chairs. Bathrooms: There is one gender inclusive bathroom in the space. The door is not automatic. Pull to enter, push to exit. The width of the doorway is 90cm / 35.5in. The bathroom is 45sq ft. There are two sets of grab bars located behind and to the right of the toilet. There are usually chairs stored inside the bathroom, but they will be removed for the event. Scent policy: The space is a scent-free space. We kindly ask that event attendees refrain from wearing scented products in the space. Transit: Bus: #19, #22, N19 Night Bus. Bus stop ID: 50021 Sky Train: Stadium-Chinatown Station

  • We're Hiring: Chinese Seniors Hub Coordinator

    Join our team! Yarrow is hiring for a part-time, Cantonese-speaking Chinese Seniors Hub Coordinator! The Chinese Seniors Hub Coordinator works in collaboration with the Seniors Hub team to facilitate recreational and skill-building programs for Chinese-speaking seniors residing in Vancouver’s Chinatown, Downtown Eastside (DTES), Strathcona, and Oppenheimer communities. The Coordinator provides basic social services to Chinese-speaking seniors with the intention of empowering seniors to become leaders in their respective buildings and communities. This is a hybrid position that involves a combination of remote and onsite work. If you're interested in applying or know someone who would be a good fit, you can learn more about the position here. Deadline to apply is January 19th, 2023 @ 11:59PM PST!

  • Chinatown Looks Exhibition: Jan 17-Mar 16

    From January 17th 2023 – March 16th 2023, Massy Arts will host, Chinatown Looks: an intergenerational disposable camera project, a Chinatown-based photography project and workshop series showcasing the work of 21 Chinese seniors and youth members of Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice. Drawing inspiration from Megaphone’s Hope in Shadows, Chinatown Looks responds to an expressed need for intergenerational knowledge creation and sharing around the past and future of Chinatown and the Downtown Eastside. With the support of Strathcona-based photographer and filmmaker, Soloman Chiniquay, the project is driven by the democratization of photography that disposable cameras provide and the act of empowering marginalized peoples to document their own lives. The Massy Arts Gallery is located at 23 East Pender Street in Chinatown, Vancouver. The gallery is open Monday to Sunday, 12pm to 5pm. Entrance is free, and masks are mandatory. About the artists Soloman Chiniquay is a documentary photographer and filmmaker living between xʷməθkʷəy̓əm, Sḵwx̱wú7mesh, səl̓ilwətaɁɬ territory and his homelands of Treaty 7 territory. His lens-based work explores the ways he is welcomed to witness expressions of Indigeneity, creating imagery that attempts to show, in sometimes raw ways, the land and the people on it, the ways people use and connect to the land, and the artifacts they leave on it. Yarrow seniors and youth featured in this exhibition include Sunny Ho, Betty Ling, Huang Chun Lan (Chanel), Hui Yan Yu, Liang Xue Mei, Wang Su Qiong, Wu Man, Li Ju Gen, Lee Shung Lung, Wang Zhao (Rosy), Ada Yim, Mandy Pui, Lorraine Wong, Wyatt Leung, Andrew Ha, Ming Wai Chung, Muhan Zhang, Addie Chen, Katherine Cheng, cecilia wang, and Amy Nofech-Yang. Chinatown Looks was funded with the generous support of the City of Vancouver’s Communities and Artists Shifting Culture Grant, 221A, the UBC Arts Amplifier Fund, and our community of donors.

  • We raised $18,945!

    Happy Winter Solstice 冬至快樂! We are thrilled to announce that we have exceeded our $15,000 Winter Solstice Fundraising goal, raising a total of $18,945 to continue the work of building a strong, inclusive, and intergenerational Chinatown! Since 2015, Yarrow has helped more than 1000 seniors access medical care, essential social services, housing, and safe spaces for cultural celebration and connectedness. It is the solidarity of supporters like you that makes this work possible. Your donation, no matter the amount, makes all the difference for seniors who count on us for accessible and culturally relevant services. For that, we thank you.

  • Senior Feature: Quang Khoan

    Throughout our Winter Solstice Fundraiser we have shared powerful stories and reflections from our seniors. Tonight, we want to tell you about 鄺寬 Quang Khoan. Originally from Vietnam, Quang’s arrival in Canada was not easy. In her own words, “sometimes there are language barriers that cause inconvenience, so I am grateful for the help from everyone at Yarrow”. Indeed, for many immigrants and refugees, the path to Canada and the process of building a new home is challenging. We are proud that through culturally relevant and accessible programming, we have been able to support seniors like Quang Popo. Today, December 21, is your last chance to make a tax-deductible year-end gift to help keep Yarrow’s essential services running!

  • Demanding Healthcare for All: A Statement of Solidarity with Drug Users in Chinatown and the DTES

    In light of recent stigmatizing discourse surrounding drug use and drug use clinics in Vancouver’s Chinatown and Downtown Eastside neighbourhoods, Yarrow is releasing a statement of commitment in support of people who use drugs and their right to safe supply. At Yarrow, we believe that access to safe supply is a health equity issue and that all people seeking medication and treatment deserve unstigmatized access to safety and life-saving care. We are committed to educating our members, volunteers, board, and staff in support of people who use drugs and safe supply/harm reduction movements. In the new year, we will be working with community members to provide broader, culturally and linguistically appropriate education in Chinatown in support of people who use drugs and to support advocacy for access to healthcare for all. As an organization that actively works to remove barriers to healthcare, it is important for us to work in solidarity with our neighbours to advance healthcare for all marginalized members of the Chinatown and Downtown Eastside community. Stay tuned for more information in the coming year. In the meantime, we encourage you to support the following organizations and groups leading important harm reduction work in our neighbourhood: Coalition of Peers Dismantling the Drug War (CPDDW) Community Managed Alcohol Program (CMAP/Drinkers Lounge) Drug User Liberation Front (DULF) Overdose Prevention Society (OPS) Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU) Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society (WAHRS) In Solidarity, Team Yarrow 聲援藥物使用者聲明及承諾 鑑於最近於溫哥華唐人街和市中心東端社區圍繞吸毒和吸毒診所的污名化言論,世代同行會於此發布承諾及聲明,聲援支持藥物使用者及其安全毒品供應權。我們認為,獲得安全毒品供應是一個健康公平問題,所有尋求藥物和治療的人都應該能夠不受歧視地獲得安全和可拯救生命的護理。 我們承諾致力教育我們組織的成員、義工、董事會和員工,以支持藥物使用者和安全毒品供應/減少毒品危害運動。 在新的一年裡,我們將與社區成員合作,在唐人街提供更廣泛的、文化和語言上適當的教育,以支持藥物使用者並支持全民醫療保健權的倡議。作為一個積極致力於消除醫療保健障礙的組織,我們必須與我們的鄰居團結一致,為唐人街和市中心東端社區的所有邊緣化成員推進並提倡醫療保健。 我們將於來年提供跟多信息,敬请期待。 與此同時,我們鼓勵您支持以下組織和團。這些組織和團體正在我們的社區開展重要的減少毒品危害工作: Coalition of Peers Dismantling the Drug War (CPDDW) (暫譯:消除毒品戰爭的同行聯盟 CPDDW) Community Managed Alcohol Program (CMAP/Drinkers Lounge) (暫譯 :社區管理的酒精計劃 CMAP) Drug User Liberation Front (DULF) (暫譯 : 藥物使用者解放陣線 DULF) Overdose Prevention Society (OPS) (暫譯 : 藥物過量預防協會 OPS) Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU) (暫譯 : 溫哥華地區藥物使用者網絡 VANDU) Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society (WAHRS) (暫譯 : 西部原住民減少危害協會 WAHRS) 世代同行會 敬上 声援药物使用者声明及承诺 鉴于最近于温哥华唐人街和市中心东端社区围绕吸毒和吸毒诊所的污名化言论,世代同行会于此发布承诺及声明,声援支持药物使用者及其安全毒品供应权。我们认为,获得安全毒品供应是一个健康公平问题,所有寻求药物和治疗的人都应该能够不受歧视地获得安全和可拯救生命的护理。 我们承诺致力教育我们组织的成员、义工、董事会和员工,以支持药物使用者和安全毒品供应/减少毒品危害运动。在新的一年里,我们将与社区成员合作,在唐人街提供更广泛的、文化和语言上适当的教育,以支持药物使用者并支持全民医疗保健权的倡议。作为一个积极致力于消除医疗保健障碍的组织,我们必须与我们的邻居团结一致,为唐人街和市中心东端社区的所有边缘化成员推进并提倡医疗保健。我们将于来年提供跟多信息,敬请期待。 与此同时,我们鼓励您支持以下组织和团。这些组织和团体正在我们的社区开展重要的减少毒品危害工作: Coalition of Peers Dismantling the Drug War (CPDDW) (暂译:消除毒品战争的同行联盟 CPDDW) Community Managed Alcohol Program (CMAP/Drinkers Lounge) (暂译 :社区管理的酒精计划 CMAP) Drug User Liberation Front (DULF) (暂译 : 药物使用者解放阵线 DULF) Overdose Prevention Society (OPS) (暂译 : 药物过量预防协会 OPS) Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU) (暂译 : 温哥华地区药物使用者网络 VANDU) Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society (WAHRS) (暂译 : 西部原住民减少危害协会 WAHRS) 世代同行会 敬上

  • Winter Solstice Celebration Party - RESCHEDULED to January 8, 2023

    *PLEASE SHARE WIDELY - EVENT RESCHEDULED* In light of snowfall warnings currently in effect for Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, Yarrow has made the difficult decision to reschedule our Winter Solstice Party to Sunday, January 8th 2023. We have made this decision with the safety of our seniors in mind, many of whom are at greater risk of being impacted/injured by snow, ice and slippery conditions. We appreciate your patience, understanding and continued support of our community. Please stay tuned for more details about our Winter Solstice Party in the new year! Individuals who have scheduled online order pick-ups today can reschedule a pick-up appointment wih us through via Calendly. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us by email at Wishing you warmth and safety in the snowy weather today!

  • Online orders have been shipped & ready for pick-up

    Good news, we have been hard at work packing your orders and they are now on their way to you! For those who opted for in-person pick-ups, you can now book a time at Please note that all pick-ups (Dec 17, 19, 20, 23) will take place on the 4th Floor of Sun Wah Centre except for Sun, Dec 18 which will be at 312 Main St during our Winter Solstice Celebration Event (come have dumplings and make cute holiday cards with us). If none of the dates listed work for you, please email info[at] to make alternative arrangements. Thank you for supporting our organization during our critical fundraising period and we hope they make your days brighter just as you have made ours! Much love from Team Yarrow. ❤️

  • Join our Winter Solstice Celebration Party on Dec 18!

    In celebration of the Winter Solstice, and as a part of our Winter Solstice Fundraiser, we are hosting an in-person community event at 312 Main St! Join us for an afternoon of hot dumplings and intergenerational crafting with seniors from Chinatown and the DTES! Crafting supplies will be provided. Pick-up for online shop orders will also be available at the event. Please RSVP at Date: Sunday, December 18, 2022 Time: 1:00PM - 3:00PM PST Location: 312 Main Street, Vancouver. This is an in-person event, and all are welcome (including drop-ins). The venue entrance, main space, and washrooms are accessible for cane/walker/wheelchair/scooter users. More access information about the space can be found here. COVID-19 SAFETY: Wearing a face mask is required for this event. There will be a HEPA air purifier in the space.

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