Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice 世代同行會 supports youth and low-income immigrant seniors in Chinatown and the Downtown Eastside. We build power in our community through intergenerational relationship building, and by helping seniors overcome language and cultural barriers to services that meet their basic needs. We combine service provision and grassroots organizing, with a core belief that service work is political and that as a community, we have the tools we need to take care of one another. We empower seniors and youth to work together to improve their communities and tackle the difficult problems of oppression and violence. Our vision is of a Chinatown that is intergenerational and thriving, with accessible and culturally relevant services and an environment that cherishes our seniors and youth.

Yarrow recognizes and values the diversity of everyone in our community. As an organization we are committed to welcoming and affirming the human rights of all people, including people of colour, indigenous peoples, LGBTQ people, sex workers, and people with disabilities.





We envision a thriving, equitable,

and intergenerational community 

in Chinatown. 

To provide and enable services, advocacy, and education that develop youth and senior leadership and build community power in Chinatown.


We will build solidarity to make collective change 

We will take action against systems of oppression and build the future we need together

We will seek and empower leadership within the community 

We will speak truth to power

We will be honest and brave in addressing conflict

We will honour feedback and recognize that we are always learning

We will listen to, respect, and have compassion for each other

We will have fun, be nourished, and grow together

We will centre relationships as the buildings blocks of change

We will challenge settler colonialism, build solidarity with indigenous organizing, decolonize our communities and ourselves

The Significance of Yarrow

Yarrow is a common plant that has been used by people as medicine for thousands of years. It is found in the Americas and Asia, and grows even in poor soil. The Chinese character for “yarrow” (蓍) has the character for “old age” or “elder” (老) at its centre. Similarly, the centre of our work is to build strong intergenerational relationships. The Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice is founded on the belief that freedom from oppression will come through the strength of our relationships, across generations, united in struggle for justice.

DONORS and community partners

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Vancouver Second Mile Society | Downtown Eastside Women's Centre  

Chinese Community Policing Centre | Hua Foundation | Youth Collaborative for Chinatown 

Carnegie Community Centre | Strathcona Community Centre

BC Health Coalition | Chinese Community Response Network | Chinese Seniors Hub

Network of Inner City Community Services Society | Vancouver Status of Women

DTES Neighbourhood House | DTES SRO Collaborative