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Make a one-time donation

To support Yarrow's operations, services, and programming, you can make a one-time donation. Donations are accepted via PayPal, e-transfer, or cheque.

Donate via PayPal, e-transfer, cheque

Tax receipt

In addition to PayPal, we accept donations via e-transfer or cheque. Your donations via e-transfer and cheque help Yarrow avoid processing fees, which allows your contribution to go further.


To donate to us via e-transfer please send your contribution to with the memo "One-time donation". Yarrow is registered for auto-deposit so no password is required.


To donate via cheque, please make your cheque payable to "Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice". Please include in the memo"One-time donation"and mail to #403-268 Keefer St, Vancouver BC, V6A 1X5.

Make a monthly donation

To sustain your impact, please consider making a monthly contribution. Monthly donations are processed via PayPal.

Donate via PayPal

Tax receipt

Make an item donation

Your generous donations of these everyday items play a vital role in enabling us to continue our mission of service and support. By contributing to our supply drive, you're directly impacting the success of our programs and helping us reach even more individuals in need. To refer to the list of items we are currently accepting.

  • Ballpoint pens

  • Highlights

  • Letter sized paper (8.5" x 11")

  • Stamps

  • Various envelopes

  • Xerox c310/c315 high capacity toner cartridges

  • Gardening tools

  • Soil for gardening

Please contact to make an item donation or visit our Amazon Wish List below to make a purchase through Aamzon..


We are so grateful to everyone who has contributed to our past fundraisers and sustained our work throughout the years. You can learn more about our past fundraising campaigns below.

Winter Solstice Fundraiser Poster - instagram square.png
winter solstice fundraiser

2022 Winter Fundraiser

Fundraiser Branding + Graphic Design by Avril Hwang

heart to heart

2022 Annual Fundraiser

Fundraiser Branding + Graphic Design by Jen H

yarrow_2019-GL-title_FB event_v1-01.png
Gathering light

2020 Annual Fundraiser

Fundraiser Branding + Graphic Design by Sunny Chiu

From My Hands to Yours
世代相傳 携手同行

2021 Annual Fundraiser

Fundraiser Branding + Graphic Design by Dawn Lo

Streams to River, Rivers to Ocean


2019 Annual Fundraiser

Fundraiser Branding + Graphic Design by Sunny Chiu

Flourish 2020
fundraiser banquet
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