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Year 1

  • Youth for Chinese Seniors was founded by Chanel Ly under the Downtown Eastside SRO Collaborative and our umbrella organization Atira Development Society 

  • Promoted outreach services to seniors on the streets with youth volunteers

  • Services include home visits, medical accompaniments and translation at appointments, case management regarding government benefits and housing, referrals to health services

  • Served over 50 individual Chinese-speaking, low-income seniors with unique needs

  • Held volunteer training and built pool of 20+ mostly bilingual youth volunteers

  • Held weekly meetings to check in with seniors and discuss shared experiences living in the DTES

  • Organized events that gathered over 300 seniors total: summer picnic, housing convention, Christmas lunch, Untold Stories storytelling panel

  • Held 3-4 tenant rights workshops in English and Chinese

year 2

  • Continued one-on-one outreach services to individual seniors, served about 60 seniors

  • Continued weekly meetings

  • Pool of youth volunteers grew to 50+, youth organized social events

  • Conducted targeted outreach to Mandarin-speaking seniors and seniors in food lines to access services and participate in events

  • Organized community kitchens for the purpose of Indigenous-Chinese cultural exchange

  • Organized seniors health fair with over 200+ senior attendees and 50+ organizations

  • Participated in neighbourhood wide seniors services coordination with partner organizations

  • Beverly Ho, our summer staff, reached out to Roddan Lodge tenants, whose building was slated to be redeveloped

year 3

  • Yulanda Lui succeeded Chanel Ly as the Chinese Seniors Outreach Worker

  • Continued outreach services to individual seniors

  • Continued weekly meetings

  • Organized street safety project, which included workshops, street banner design sessions, and a street safety fair

  • Built a core of volunteers to plan intergenerational events for seniors

  • Established peer-run groups where seniors led music gatherings and out-trips in the city

  • More youth volunteers taking seniors to medical appointments

  • Organized second annual Chinese seniors health fair

  • Successful in our first grassroots fundraiser in Nov 2017 - Seeds for Longevity - to open a seniors drop-in centre - $18,141

year 4

  • Registered as a non-profit society in March 2018

  • Moved into the Sun Wah Centre (BC Artscape)

  • Opened our intergenerational drop-in space to the community

  • Started the Chinatown Choose to Move program 

  • Established friendly visiting program

  • Training volunteers to be Outreach Leaders and event planners

  • Growing towards providing more advocacy and leadership development opportunities

  • Established seniors core leaders group

  • Established Sticky Rice Youth Collective

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