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Covid-19 senior support

Since 2020, we've organized COVID-19 community vaccination clinics with translation support and weekly phone-calls between youth and seniors to reduce isolation during the pandemic. More recently, we've distributed face masks, rapid tests, and hand sanitizer to the community in partnership with Masks4EastVan.


casework support

Led by our Outreach team, we provide case management to support seniors in meeting their basic needs around housing, health, and income. This service is available only to residents of the Downtown Eastside, Chinatown, and Strathcona area. English description of our services on the last page of this Chinese & English flyer.


Chinese seniors hub

Chinese Seniors Hub aims to build strong communities among Chinese seniors through senior empowerment, peer-based outreach, tech support, recreational events, workshops, and healthy activities.

Maclean Park Garden Site #2.jpg

nourishing hearts fOOD program

In summer 2024, Yarrow will be launching our first accessible and intergenerational community garden at Maclean Park (Keefer and Heatley), as well as a fully subsidized hot meal delivery program for disabled Eastside seniors.


Language access to healthcare campaign

For Chinese seniors, going to a simple hospital exam can be a stressful experience. We are working towards advancing language access to healthcare through advocacy and community-based organizing.


seniors core

Seniors Core community meetings are organized with the support of our Chinese Seniors Hub team. Seniors meet regularly to discuss community issues and updates that affect their lives while also providing feedback and direction for our programs. The discussions at our meetings ensure that our work reflects the needs of the community.


Sticky Rice Collective

Sticky Rice is a collective, led by queer and trans youth, organizing intergenerational events and engaging in social justice leadership in Chinatown. Volunteers of all ages and identities are welcome to join. Sticky Rice volunteers also attend regular workshops addressing community issues such as medical advocacy and harm reduction.


medical accompaniment

With support from our dedicated volunteers and outreach workers, we provide informal translation and interpretation support for seniors' medical appointments.

DHIH Zine Launch_Jamie Loh_007.jpg

community art projects

In recognition of the empowering potential of artistic expression, Yarrow has organized various intergenerational community art projects to amplify the stories and experiences of our seniors and youth. Projects we've organized since 2019 include Speak My Language, Dreaming Hand-in-Hand, and Chinatown Looks.

past programs
chinatown looks

Chinatown Looks: an intergenerational disposable camera project was a photography project and workshop series showcasing the work of 21 Chinese senior and youth members of Yarrow. Led by Strathcona-based photographer and filmmaker Soloman Chiniquay, participating artists attended photography workshops in August 2022 and their work was exhibited at Massy Arts Society in Vancouver's Chinatown from January 17 to March 16, 2023. View the photobook for free here. You can also purchase a copy here.

dreaming hand-in-hand

Dreaming Hand-in-Hand: An Intergenerational Chinatown Zine is a community publication project featuring the stories of youth and Chinese seniors about their hopes and dreams for the Chinatown. The zine was launched at a community art exhibition in March 2022 at Massy Arts Society. View the zine for free here. You can also purchase a copy here.

Speak my language

Speak My Language is a storytelling media arts project for youth and Chinese seniors to share experiences of language and cultural barriers in accessing healthcare, explore individual and collective healing, and envision a culturally accessible healthcare system. With the support and mentorship of lead artist Rachel Lau, the radio docs were launched at a community event in March 2020. You can listen to the radio docs here.

Chinatown Choose to move

Funded and supported by United Way of the Lower Mainland and UBC Hip and Health Centre, we provide coaching and opportunities for seniors with mobility challenges to exercise and improve their physical health. Seniors will participate in motivational meetings with their peers and have one-on-one meetings with an Activity Coach to track their progress. This program took place from 2018-2020.

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