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  • Senior Newsletter: Vol. 2, Issue No. 3

    Read Vol. 2, Issue No. 3 of our Yarrow Senior Newsletter! This issue, we have an interview with Lee Shung Lung, a senior participating artist from our intergenerational photo exhibition Chinatown Looks, a contribution from physiotherapist and Yarrow volunteer Derek Lai, interesting facts about 打小人 (villain hitting/ da siu yan ritual), and a reader submission of a painting from Yarrow senior May Li. Special thanks to Derek Lai for his contribution to this issue of the Yarrow Senior Newsletter. Download and read the newsletter below:

  • Chinatown Looks Closing Reception + Book Launch: Mar 10

    On Friday, March 10th at 6pm, Massy Arts will host the closing reception and book launch for Chinatown Looks: an intergenerational disposable camera project, a Chinatown-based photography project and workshop series showcasing the work of 21 Chinese seniors and youth members of Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice. At the event, the Chinatown Looks photo publication, featuring the works of all 21 artists will be available for purchase. Soloman Chiniquay and the youth and senior participating artists will be present to connect with community members and chat. Please bring cash to purchase a publication and come enjoy the works of Chinatown Looks one last time before March 16! Registration is free or by donation, open to all and required for entrance. The Massy Arts Gallery is located at 23 East Pender Street in Chinatown, Vancouver. COVID-19 SAFETY: Wearing a face mask is required for this event. Surgical and KN95 face masks will be provided for those who do not have one. There will also be a HEPA air purifier in the space. Light refreshments will be provided. Attendees are encouraged to consume their refreshments outside the venue or after the event to prevent airborne transmission of COVID-19. Accessibility info for Massy Arts Society (23 E Pender St) Entrance: The door is not automatic. Push to enter, pull to exit. The width of the doorway is 100cm / 39.3in. The path from the street to the doorway is flat. When entering the space, there will be two tables on either side of the entrance. There will be a narrow path when entering the space that is the same width as the doorway and ~4ft long. The space widens after the narrow entrance path. Event space: The main gallery space is 627sq ft. The length of the gallery space is ~36.5ft and the width is 17ft. There are four support posts in the space. The distance between the posts is 9ft 7in. The narrow distance between the posts and the right-side wall is 5ft 4in. There will be seating available at the event which are plastic fold chairs. Bathrooms: There is one gender inclusive bathroom in the space. The door is not automatic. Pull to enter, push to exit. The width of the doorway is 90cm / 35.5in. The bathroom is 45sq ft. There are two sets of grab bars located behind and to the right of the toilet. There are usually chairs stored inside the bathroom, but they will be removed for the event. Scent policy: The space is a scent-free space. We kindly ask that event attendees refrain from wearing scented products in the space. Transit: Bus: #19, #22, N19 Night Bus. Bus stop ID: 50021 Sky Train: Stadium-Chinatown Station

  • Senior Newsletter: Vol. 2, Issue No. 2

    Read Vol. 2, Issue No. 2 of our Yarrow Senior Newsletter! This issue, we have an interview with two senior and youth participating artist from our intergenerational photo exhibition Chinatown Looks, and we recap our recent Lunar New Year event at Carnegie Community Centre. Download and read the newsletter below!

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  • About | Yarrow

    About Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice 世代同行會 supports youth and low-income immigrant seniors in Chinatown and the Downtown Eastside. We build power in our community through intergenerational relationship building, and by helping seniors overcome language and cultural barriers to services that meet their basic needs. We combine service provision and grassroots organizing, with a core belief that service work is political and that as a community, we have the tools we need to take care of one another. We empower seniors and youth to work together to improve their communities and tackle the difficult problems of oppression and violence. Our vision is of a Chinatown that is intergenerational and thriving, with accessible and culturally relevant services and an environment that cherishes our seniors and youth. ​ Yarrow recognizes and values the diversity of everyone in our community. As an organization we are committed to welcoming and affirming the human rights of all people, including racialized people, Black and Indigenous peoples, LGBTQ people, sex workers, people who use drugs, and disabled people. ​ 世代同行會在唐人街和市中心東端為青年和低收入年老移民提供支持。我們通過建立多代同堂的關係和幫助老年人克服其滿足基本生活需求遇到語言及文化的障礙,而增加社區力量。我們認為服務的提供是政治性行為,而我們社區的資源足以相互照顧,因此結合了草根組織和服務工作。我們支持青年和長者合作以改善自己的社區,應付壓迫和暴力的複雜社會問題。我們展望一個繁榮昌盛、多代同堂的唐人街,而此唐人街無障礙、有符合居民文化的服務社,並且有珍惜我們的青年和長者的環境。 ​ 世代同行會支持所有人的人權,包括有色人種、原住民、男同性戀、女同性戀、雙性戀、跨性別人士、性工作者、藥物使用者和 行動障礙者/身心障礙者(前稱殘疾人士)。 vision mission We envision a thriving, equitable, and intergenerational community in Chinatown. ​ To remove barriers to health care, housing, and income access and provide services, advocacy, and education that develops youth and senior leadership and builds community power in Chinatown. 願景 我們的展望是一個繁榮昌盛、公平公正、多代同堂的唐人街 ​ 使命 提供和推動服務、宣傳和教育,培養青年和長者的領導能力並建立唐人街的社區力量 values We will take action against systems of oppression and build the future we need together, rather than reproducing capitalistic, carceral, and patriarchal systems of oppression. We will actively work to dismantle the non-profit industrial complex. We will seek and empower leadership within the community. We will ask those who are struggling with leadership to take reflexive and appropriate actions, moving towards accountability and away from complicity. We will be honest and brave in addressing conflict. We will engage in consensual and radical accountability processes that center those harmed and allow space for others to learn from their mistakes. We will honour feedback and recognize that we make mistakes and are always learning. We will listen to, respect, and have compassion for each other. We will have fun, be nourished, and grow together. We will center relationships as the building blocks of change. As a trans- and queer-centric organization, we will welcome and affirm the freedoms of all people, including racialized people, Black and Indigenous peoples, LGBTQIA2S+ people, sex workers, people who use drugs, and disabled people. We will challenge settler colonialism and our own privileges, build solidarity with Black and Indigenous organizing, racialized people, and decolonize our communities and ourselves. 價值觀 採取行動反對社會壓迫制度,共同建設我們需要的未來,而防止重複資本主義、監獄制度和父權主義等壓迫制度,並且積極拆除非營利性組織的工業綜合體。 在社區內尋求和培養領導能力。我們會要求領導能力不足的人士進行適當的自我反思,將被動傾向改成有責任性的行為。 我們會勇敢和誠實地面對沖突。我們將參與合意和激進的問責過程,以受害者為中心、並為他人提供從錯誤中學習的空間。 尊重對我們的反饋、並接受我們會犯錯,而需要不斷改善學習。 互相傾聽、互相尊重,並有惻隱之心。 一起開心玩,一起得到滋養,一起成長。 把人與人之間的關係作為變革的基石。 作為一個以跨性別人士和酷兒人士為中心的組織,我們支持並肯定所有人的人權,包括有色人種、黑人、原住民、LGBTQIA2S+(酷兒)人群、性工作者、藥物使用者 和行動障礙者/身心障礙者(前稱殘疾人士) 。 我們將挑戰殖民者的殖民主義和我們自身的特權,與黑人和原住民組織團結起來,將社區和自己的殖民注意排除。 The Significance of Yarrow Yarrow is a common plant that has been used by people as medicine for thousands of years. It is found in the Americas and Asia, and grows even in poor soil. The Chinese character for “yarrow” (蓍) has the character for “old age” or “elder” (老) at its centre. Similarly, the centre of our work is to build strong intergenerational relationships. The Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice is founded on the belief that freedom from oppression will come through the strength of our relationships, across generations, united in struggle for justice. community partners 221A Bảo Vệ Collective BC Health Coalition CARES for Equitable Health Carnegie Community Centre Chinese Community Response Network Downtown Eastside Women's Centre Drug User Liberation Front DTES Neighbourhood House DTES SRO Collaborative DTES Response Exchange Inner City hua foundation Massy Arts Society Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House Network of Inner City Community Services Society Ray-Cam Community Centre Strathcona Community Centre S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Vancouver Art Gallery V ancouver Second Mile Society WATARI WePress Youth Collaborative for Chinatown FUNDERS Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice is grateful for funding support from our granters and partners including BC Artscape, the Province of British Columbia, BC Ministry of Health, City of Vancouver, Disability Alliance BC, DTES Response, The Federation of Community Social Services of BC, Mazon Canada, Network of Inner City Community Services Society (NICCSS), SUCCESS, Tiny Foundation, Unity Asian Employee Resource Group (ERG), University of British Columbia, Vancouver Coastal Health, WorkBC, 221A, and our community of donors.

  • Yarrow 溫哥華唐人街非營利組織「世代同行會」| Intergenerational Organizing in Vancouver's Chinatown

    Yarrow intergenerational society for justice updates Mar 7 Senior Newsletter: Vol. 2, Issue No. 3 Mar 7 Chinatown Looks Closing Reception + Book Launch: Mar 10 Feb 8 Senior Newsletter: Vol. 2, Issue No. 2 Feb 6 Harm Reduction 101 Workshop with Eris Nyx MORE UPDATES >

  • Press | Yarrow

    PRESS & INTERVIEWS print + Online Vancouver Sun, March 2023, Loss of programs and businesses hits residents of Vancouver's Chinatown ​ The Tyee, February 2022, In Chinatown, Precious Few Places for Seniors to Live ​ Vancouver Guardian, December 2022, Charitable Choices: Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice ​ The Tyee, December 2022, ‘Small Care’ Happens Every Day ​ Best Health, December 2022, Meet Our 2022 Health Heroes ​ The Voice, November 2022, The state of Cantonese in Vancouver ​ Vancouver Foundation, September 2022, Young Leaders in Chinatown are Building Community Through Dialogue ​ The Tyee, June 2022, Making the City Kinder to Folks with Dementia ​ Disability Visibility Project, May 2022, What Will Never Be Again ​ CBC News, May 2022, Exercise classes connect immigrant seniors and youth in heart of Vancouver's Chinatown ​ Maclean's, January 2022, Seniors in Vancouver’s Chinatown are battling poverty and racism to put food on the table (中文版 Chinese Ver. ) ​ Ripple of Change Magazine, January 2022, Protesting on Nana’s Shoulders & Other Stories of Intergenerational Activism ​ The Tyee, July 2021, No Translation, No Vaccine for Some Immigrant Seniors ​ 加拿大都市网, June 2021, 反亚裔种族主义抬头 华裔老人讲述遇袭经历 ​ CBC News, June 2021, Seniors in Vancouver's Chinatown manage fear, insecurity as anti-Asian racism persists ​ OCIN, March 2021, Sharing Stories: Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice ​ NEWS 1130, February 2021, Vancouver non-profit raising funds to support low-income seniors in Chinatown ​ Vancouver Sun, April 2020, Volunteers change tactics to help vulnerable, disconnected seniors ​ Discorder Magazine, November 2017, Youth for Chinese Seniors and Intergenerational Collaboration in Chinatown ​ Chinatown Today, October 2017, Interview with Yulanda Lui 呂芷樺 from Youth for Chinese Seniors (Y4CS) ​ New Canadian Media, September 2015, Youth Volunteers Support Chinatown Seniors TELEVISION + RADIO On The Coast on CBC Radio, March 2023, "Chinatown Looks" is a photo project ​ Against the Current on CiTR 101.9FM, January 2023, Chinatown Looks Project and Student Press Freedom OMNI News, December 2022, 一個由華裔年青人組成的團體,發起冬至籌款活動 (Cantonese 粵語) ​ The Early Edition on CBC News, August 2022, Youth organization helping immigrant seniors in Chinatown and DTES OMNI News, July 2022, 熱浪來襲 長者如何避暑?(Cantonese 粵語) On The Coast on CBC Radio, June 2022, Chinatown and safe supply ​ The Early Edition on CBC News, May 2022, Youth and seniors work out together in Vancouver's Chinatown ​ CityNews, May 2022, Local organization supports seniors in Vancouver's Chinatown Front Burner on CBC News, May 2021, Anti-Asian racism in Vancouver’s Chinatown ​ OMNI News, March 2021, 社區組織協助長者預約打疫苗 (Cantonese 粵語) ​ OMNI News, December 2020, 華埠組織協助區内長者購買日常用品 (Cantonese 粵語) For press coverage of our radio program Speak My Language, please visit our project page. ​

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