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Demanding Healthcare for All: A Statement of Solidarity with Drug Users in Chinatown and the DTES

In light of recent stigmatizing discourse surrounding drug use and drug use clinics in Vancouver’s Chinatown and Downtown Eastside neighbourhoods, Yarrow is releasing a statement of commitment in support of people who use drugs and their right to safe supply. At Yarrow, we believe that access to safe supply is a health equity issue and that all people seeking medication and treatment deserve unstigmatized access to safety and life-saving care.

We are committed to educating our members, volunteers, board, and staff in support of people who use drugs and safe supply/harm reduction movements. In the new year, we will be working with community members to provide broader, culturally and linguistically appropriate education in Chinatown in support of people who use drugs and to support advocacy for access to healthcare for all. As an organization that actively works to remove barriers to healthcare, it is important for us to work in solidarity with our neighbours to advance healthcare for all marginalized members of the Chinatown and Downtown Eastside community. Stay tuned for more information in the coming year.

In the meantime, we encourage you to support the following organizations and groups leading important harm reduction work in our neighbourhood: