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Our Shared Tapestry: Black and Chinese (Re) Archiving | August - September 2023

Led by multidisciplinary artist and youth educator Ruby Smith Díaz, this 3 part workshop series will guide participants in the art of cyanotype printing and fotobordado embroidery storytelling to visually depict the histories, relationships and future visions of Black and Chinese communities in Vancouver's Strathcona and Downtown Eastside area.

We are seeking youth and seniors from Vancouver’s Black and Chinese communities for a collaborative art project that tells the stories of both communities’ shared histories in the area. There are 20 spots available; each participant will be compensated with a modest honoraria for their time.

Participants must be able to commit to a total of 3 x 3 hour workshops during the following dates:

  • Workshop 1: August 19, 11am - 2pm

  • Workshop 2: August 20, 11am - 2pm

  • Workshop 3: September 8, 5pm - 8pm

At each workshop, interpretations in Cantonese and Mandarin will be provided. Light refreshments will also be provided. Masks are required at every workshop.

Email for more information and registration.


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