Heart to Heart annual fundraiser begins!

From April 8 to June 20, Yarrow will be holding our annual grassroots fundraiser: Heart to Heart 將心比心. For Yarrow, Heart to Heart is about emphasizing our power and love for one another as a community. As a community, our members work in solidarity to uplift one another, provide mutual aid and support, and create new visions for the future of an equitable Chinatown. This year, Yarrow is raising $88,000 to organize, reduce isolation for seniors, and ensure access to health care during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Your support is critical to ensuring our ongoing work and vision of an equitable and thriving Chinatown. ​ 從四月八號到六月二十號,世代同行會將會舉行我們的年度籌款活動「將心比心 」。對世代同行會而言,「將心比心 」象徵著大家互相給予的力量和愛。身爲社區的一份子,我們同心協力,互相鼓勵,互相支持,創造新的願景,讓未來的唐人街更加公平。今年,世代同行會的籌款目標是88000。有了你的支持,我們能繼續開展社區工作,降低長者孤獨的風險,確保長者在疫情當下及以後都能得到妥善的醫療服務。有了你的支持,我們將繼續耕耘社區,努力為唐人街創造一個公平、欣欣向榮的環境。

Support us and learn more about our fundraiser here.