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Annual Report 2018-2019

Learn more about the work Yarrow has done in 2018-19 and review our financial statements from the 2018-19 fiscal year.

Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice began as a program which was fiscally sponsored by Downtown Eastside SRO Collaborative and under Atira Development Society, operating as Youth for Chinese Seniors (Y4CS) from 2015-2018. This Annual General Report reflects our fiscal and organizational transition towards our registration as a non-profit society in 2018, and includes relevant financial records and documentation which predate our incorporation and were generated under Y4CS.

Yarrow Annual Report 2018-19
Download PDF • 1.03MB

Yarrow 2018-19 Financial Statements
Download PDF • 1.24MB

Note: The amounts labelled under “2017” in our 2018-19 financial statements accounts for Yarrow’s finances in 2017-18 and the amounts labelled as “2018” outline the organization's finances from 2018-19. The amounts from the 2017-18 fiscal year are reflective of Yarrow's financial standing prior to becoming a registered non-profit society in March 2018.


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