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Welcome Sean and Susan!

It is our pleasure to announce that Sean Cao and Susan Luo has joined Yarrow's staff team this year as our Chinese Seniors Hub Coordinator and Outreach Worker, respectively.

Sean has been the Chinese Seniors Hub Coordinator since January. Sean Cao is an immigrant settler from China and currently resides on Coast Salish lands. He comes to this work with a background in translation and arts & culture, particularly with a focus on community engagement. Sean is always reminded of the importance of collaborative efforts and mutual aid from the inspiring people of Chinatown and the Downtown Eastside he has met. Therefore, he believes in teamwork and collaboration in building a sustainable and anti-oppressive ecosystem that addresses service gaps and provides benefits for all in the neighbourhood. In his free time, you will find him grocery shopping, strolling and eating in Chinatown.

Susan is Yarrow's new Outreach Worker, joining our outreach team's Carven Li. Susan is a first-generation Chinese settler born and raised in Sichuan. Her mother’s family is from the Hui (Chinese Muslims) ethnic group with ancestral roots in Hebei. Her father’s family is Han Chinese with ancestral roots in Sichuan. Susan speaks Sichuanese with her nuclear family and Mandarin with her maternal side of the family. Susan dreams of a world where there is equitable access to healthcare, affordable housing, and nourishing foods. Susan is committed to empowering marginalized seniors to become decision-makers for themselves and leaders in the community. Susan holds a BSc in Biology from UBC. Susan also volunteers as a support worker at WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre and is committed to offering survivor-centred care and shifting the rape culture. Susan enjoys cooking, R&B and hip-hop music, practising Chinese calligraphy and playing the piano.

We are grateful to our funders, the City of Vancouver and the BC Health Minister's office, and our community of donors that has allowed us to grow our team.

To learn more about all of Yarrow's staff, visit our about page.



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