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Dreaming Hand-in-Hand Zine Launch

On Thu, Mar 24th from 5-8PM, join Massy Arts Society and Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice for the in-person launch and exhibition of our community zine: “Dreaming Hand-in-Hand: An Intergenerational Chinatown Zine”. This self-published zine is a collection of collages created by Chinese youth and seniors depicting their hopes and dreams for Chinatown.

At the event, the original works featured in the zine will be exhibited and the zine will be available for purchase. Please bring cash. The contributing youth and senior artists will be in attendance.

The event will be hosted at the Massy Arts Gallery, at 23 East Pender Street in Chinatown, Vancouver. The zine launch and exhibition is free + open to all of our community, and registration is mandatory. Each visit is limited to 50 minutes, and the capacity limit per hour is 35 people.

COVID Safety Protocols: For all in-person events, attendees must provide proof of vaccination, wear a mask (N95 masks are encouraged and recommended as they offer the best protection), and consent to having their temperature checked at the front door. We ask that if you are showing any symptoms, that you stay home. Thank you kindly.

Accessibility info for Massy Arts Society (23 E Pender St)


The door is not automatic. Push to enter, pull to exit. The width of the doorway is 100cm / 39.3in. The path from the street to the doorway is flat. When entering the space, there will be two tables on either side of the entrance. There will be a narrow path when entering the space that is the same width as the doorway and ~4ft long. The space widens after the narrow entrance path.

Event space:

The main gallery space is 627sq ft. The length of the gallery space is ~36.5ft and the width is 17ft. There are four support posts in the space. The distance between the posts is 9ft 7in. The narrow distance between the posts and the right-side wall is 5ft 4in. There will be seating available at the event which are plastic fold chairs.


There is one gender inclusive bathroom in the space. The door is not automatic. Pull to enter, push to exit. The width of the doorway is 90cm / 35.5in. The bathroom is 45sq ft. There are two sets of grab bars located behind and to the right of the toilet. There are usually chairs stored inside the bathroom, but they will be removed for the event.

Scent policy:

The space is a scent-free space. We kindly ask that event attendees refrain from wearing scented products in the space.


Bus: #19, #22, N19 Night Bus. Bus stop ID: 50021

Sky Train: Stadium-Chinatown Station

Entrance way leading into the event space at 23 E Pender St

Entrance way of 23 E Pender St and photo of pathway leading into the gallery space. There will be an additional table placed on the left on the day of the event.

Door of the bathroom in the event space. The chairs next the wall will be removed for the event.

Photo of the bathroom at 23 E Pender St. The chairs along the wall will be removed for the event.

Floor plan of 23 E Pender St


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