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COVID-19 and Flu Vaccination

As an organization who works with seniors, we encourage our community to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and the flu as the pandemic continues.

From Monday, Oct 25, more people will be able to come together at organized gatherings and events in parts of BC where vaccination rates are high. Full vaccination for everyone born in 2009 or earlier (12+) and presentation of your BC Vaccine Card will also be required to access certain events, services and businesses.

At Yarrow, higher vaccination rate and lower case counts will inform our programming. We will be prudent to not host events that allow for 100% indoor capacity for the time being, while enforcing contact tracing, vaccine card verification, and mask-wearing.

We encourage all unvaccinated and eligible people to get vaccinated ASAP, unvaccinated children to register for their vaccination, and those eligible for third dosage to register for vaccination. Those who are young and unvaccinated, who are elderly, and who are immunocompromised are a part of our community.

Vaccination not only affects us, but everyone around us. Let’s take care of each other!


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