Sandi Liang

Born and raised in Guangzhou, Sandi has been an uninvited guest on unceded Coast Salish territory since 2009. Her Chinese name “婉君(WanJun)” is given by her grandmother, who is a big fan of Chiung Yao’s romance novels. Sandi is passionate about building connections in the community through storytelling, art and goji chrysanthemum tea.

chanel ly

Chanel comes from a family of Chinese Vietnamese immigrant settlers and was born and raised on Coast Salish Territories/East Vancouver. She is passionate about building culture through relationships that are based on love for each other and our communities. When she's not in Chinatown, she's making her own books and hustling at local craft fairs.

Minnie Ng
Jessie Huang

Jessie was born in the peasant family of Teochew and grew up in Shenzhen, known as China's silicon valley. Moving twice in her life, she is now on the unceded lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. She likes listening stories from her Dad, her Grandma and whoever wants to share with her.

Minnie is a 1.5 Generation Chinese settler from Hong Kong and currently resides on the unceded Coast Salish territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil Waututh Nations. Minnie holds a BA in Psychology and a minor in Gender Race Social Justice from UBC. She enjoys community building, drawing, video games, volleyball, and film, especially animation.

Wilson Liang

Wilson Liang is a community builder. He connects low income Chinese Seniors with younger generations and advocates community resources for the vulnerable population. He understands the cultural differences and believes in multiculturalism. Raised in China, he has been a settler in Canada’s native land since the late 90s. He is very active in the community and connects with other grass root groups and non-profit organizations in the neighborhood. He believes that diversity is beauty and he enjoys a good variety of roles throughout his life including being a volunteer, board member,  coordinator, activity leader, computer teacher, Engineer, hiker, Marathon runner, dancer and musician.


Marguerite Gaylie

Marguerite is a digital marketing strategist and a first generation Coast Salish Territories settler of Chinese and European descent. She is passionate about discovering nuances in human behaviours and understanding how that affects the way individuals react towards different methods of communication. She holds a BBA, has been volunteering in Chinatown since 2016, and plans to continue to expand the reach of Yarrow's efforts in 2020. 

Mark lee

Mark is a fourth generation settler of Cantonese and British descent, born and raised on Coast Salish Territories. Mark made childhood memories in Chinatown and continues to draw strength from his relationship with his grandmother, who encouraged and supported his studies in Chinese. Mark holds a BA in Linguistics, is a Certified Member of the Society of Translators and Interpreters of BC, and has been interpreting and translating in Chinatown since 2015. Mark lives for barbecued pork on rice.

JOdie Mak

With grandparents who had come from various regions in the Guangdong province, Jodie was born and raised in Hong Kong, and has been living on the ancestral and unceded lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations since 2003. Jodie is a congee enthusiast, brings experience working in the non-profit and social services fields, holds a BA in sociology and visual arts from the University of British Columbia, and enjoys bantering in Cantonese in Chinatown.

dora ng

Dora Ng is a non-binary writer/storyteller, born and raised on Coast Salish Territories, who tells Chinese-Canadian genderqueer stories. Dora grew up in an East Vancouver neighbourhood with their grandparents, who are from the Canton Province of China and Vietnam. Dora was taught to read and write Traditional Chinese by their grandfather. Dora has worked with seniors and older adults as a program coordinator in various capacities in Chinatown and in the West End. Dora is a lion dance enthusiast and enjoys lion dancing for community events.

sarah tseng

Sarah is a newcomer to the unceded lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. She is an urban planner and a founding member of Chinatown Community for Equitable Development in Los Angeles, where she learned about building sustainable community leadership and decision-making from elders and peers in the Asian American and labor movements. She has an MA from UCLA and an AB from Harvard. 

Kathryn Wong

Kathryn's ancestors settled on Coast Salish territories in the early 1900s as Chinese immigrants.  Growing up, Chinatown was an important part of her life alongside her grandparents and she is grateful that she can reconnect with this community.  Kathryn is passionate about youth empowerment and providing spaces for young people in the community to be heard.  She holds a BA in History and Art History from UBC.