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Senior Feature: Wu Chao Hua

Throughout our Winter Solstice Fundraiser, we will be sharing reflections from our seniors. We asked our seniors what this winter holiday means to them and how the work of Yarrow has impacted their lives.

吳婆婆 Wu Popo is a widowed senior living in Chinatown. When asked why people should support Yarrow, Wu Popo shared her story of how she first connected with Yarrow for housing support. She stressed language barriers and fees charged by other organizations made it difficult for her to access essential services.

Since 2015, we have been working with seniors like Wu Popo to ensure they have access to the necessary benefits and services to have a healthy and happy livelihood.

Your donations, no matter the amount, directly impact seniors’ access to medical care, essential social services, housing, and safe spaces for cultural celebration and connectedness.

Give a holiday gift to Yarrow and seniors like Wu Popo this Winter Solstice! 🌕👐🎁✨


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