Death is a universal experience, but not everyone can access it with the care, dignity, and comfort that they deserve. Following the story of one Chinese senior trying to seek end-of-life care in Vancouver’s healthcare system, tensions around language, culture, death, and the reflections that come with them, are revealed.


Story and Production 故事與製作

Anonymous|Sera Bao|Kaitlyn Fung 馮嘉欣

Mei Poh Poh arrived in Canada with merely $400 in her pocket and a determination to build a new life. As a compassionate caregiver, Mei Poh Poh dedicated her time and skills to help anyone she could. After many years of hard work, she was confronted with a variety of health issues within an English-dominant healthcare system. Her unwavering courage to overcome language and physical barriers and her generosity to support the community is unlike anyone else.

Story and Production 故事與製作

Mei Poh Poh|Cassandra Ly 李佩儀|Vanessa Myho

Animated, loud, and independent, Hsieh Poh Poh isn’t your typical senior. She moves in the world nimbly and is on the go. But what happens when your independence is at odds with your health? Navigating the healthcare system in your second language can be extremely challenging, but Hsieh Poh Poh’s resourcefulness and determination makes all the difference.

Story and Production 故事與製作

Gloria Hsieh|Tintin Yang |Sophy Chu 朱子栩

Lai Poh Poh can recall the few phrases of English she learned in school decades ago vividly. However, those phrases are not useful when she is trying to navigate through her daily life in the Strathcona neighbourhood. She is finally able to fulfill her decades-old dream to learn English but is it too late?

Story and Production 故事與製作

Lai Poh Poh|Emily Tsang 泳伃

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